Remembering Sheena

Stop Animal Abuse in Malaysia.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Dear Sheena

Sheena has been receiving quite a lot of good support from Malaysians since the campaign started. Here are two interesting emails Sheena received recently:

From Melissa Jane:

Hi there, I'm Melissa. I'm an animal lover who ownes two very special cats, one's paraplegic & the other was born with onlylegs. I read your report/news about Sheena the German Shepherd who has beenput down in the Monday newspapers.

I feel really bad that she suffered like this. It's just cruel & mean...Whydid the owner keep her when he can't take care of it? Doesn't mean if she'sold, you just leave her without food or water! I'm really disgusted withthis dogs owner for treating him like this. Imagine if he was Sheena? Howwould he feel...? If he really can't take care of dog because he's "busy,"or somthing like that, why tie it up & leave it there without any food orwater??? I really wana know why...Just give it to his friends or the SPCA.

I'm barely 16 years old. I know animal cruelty as much as anybody else. Iknow how it feels sitting on my own faeces with an empty stomach, tied upwith no food or water. It's painful...A slow painful death. The owner shouldbe tied up & starved!!! He deserves it...I feel much better that Sheena wasput to sleep coz she ain''t happy what she was going through. It's just horrible!

Both the pictures of Sheena really breaks my heart...She was just skin &bones. She was sitting like that because she was just too weak to standup...My cat who is paraplegic, is a Siamese. She had a car accident when shewas only one week old. Onbe of her ribcage broke and her spine & her bothback legs were paralized & she had internal bleeding & bladder problems. Butnow, she's well & healthy. Walking better now. Everyday we give her lots ofvitamins to maintain her bladder & also give her lots of love & affection.She's really a beautiful cat...

Now for the government, I don't know what they are doing. $200 fine and 6moths jail????? No way! That's not good enough! Big deal! What is $200 toyou...? They should raise the fine & jail term! Doesn't matter if theowner's income is low or high. NO ACCEPTION! Anyone who's cruel to animals,gets $10,000 fine plus two years in jail! No more, no less. And yes, alifetime ban of animal ownership. That's it...Treat them as criminals. Likehe killed someone. Animals are part of our world...They are like children.You keep them & take care until they grow old and die. Don't keep them just because they are cute & cuddly like soft toys that you can throw around & do cruel stuff to it. No! No! No!

I'm really supporting you coz Malaysia & the rest of the world has got to stop this. This is really unnecesary...I wish I was there to make Sheena'sowner suffer.

If I do go out and find places where you can put up campaign posters, I'll let you know as soon as possible.

When I look back at Sheena, makes me wana cry. She looks so messed up, weak,tired & hungry.

Thanks Melissa for your support. The support of the youth is very important, and it's amazing that you'd write in like this and be a voice for the youth. Let's get more youth involved!


From Cynthia:

Hello, Apart from increased penalties, we should work toward zero pet trading. People should not make a present of a pet, especially to a child. They will be giving a commitment and not a cheap one at that. Create a penalty for people who throw out animals. For ennforcement create our own animal precinct. Just some ideas.

Thanks Cynthia. Zero pet trading is an awesome idea, although i wonder how open our market economies would be towards such a move. Unfortunately, the amount of inbreeding and unhealthy pups/kittens born is on the rise. Not only that, breeding of pedigrees (see Shoba's post on the cats!) is run like a shoddy business, with bad health environments, and bad emotional scarring on the animals. When we watch the Matrix and see how robots "harvest" and "breed" human beings, we are shocked. Why should we be? We do the same with animals.

And with the upcoming Christmas celebration coming up, let's remember that a pet is for life, not just for Christmas.

Happy Christmas and New Year everyone.


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