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Stop Animal Abuse in Malaysia.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Chinese Translators Needed

Hi all,

According to Sabrina Yeap of SPCA at least 90% of the abuse cases occur among the Chinese. As a result the Chinese media has emerged as a strong voice to educate their readers on the ethical treatment of animals. We are grateful to the Chinese newspapers, magazines and even radio and television stations that have been just as sympathetic to the plight of animals as the English media.

But our friends in the Chinese media need your assistance to translate both the SPCA website and this Remembering Sheena blog into Chinese as an alternative webpage to English. Many Chinese newspapers have already agreed to place a link on their homepage to the SPCA website as well as the Remembering Sheena blog. But they do not have anyone who is sufficiently proficient in both languages to do the translation. If we get expert help it would cost us money. So we appeal to volunteers to help translate the contents in our website and blog. If you can help, please write to

Thank you.


  • At 1:01 AM, Blogger Horribly Slouchy said…

    Hi. I think you guys are great about doing this. Only today I know that her name is Sheena. I was heartbroken when I first saw her pictures in the newspaper. I am a dog owner and a dog lover. How a person can just sit by and watch their dog deteriorate to such a state is beyond my comprehension. Just looking at her pictures again brings tears to my eyes. I've signed the petition. I would like the SPCA to have a more active role in helping abused animals survive. There could be many more animals out there that need help. We just don't know about it yet.

    Animal cruelty is a serious offence and the penalty for it should reflect the crime committed. A slap on the wrist would not be sufficient for a man who has murdered another man. Murder is murder. It takes intent and a lot of malice. Animals should be given their day of glory. At the least, that is what we can do for the animals that've passed on and have suffered years of abuse and neglect at the hands of their fellow owners.

    Do remember Sheena. After all, she survived all those years despite the odds. Help just got to her a little too late.


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