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Monday, July 14, 2008

P.I. Bala Abandoned His Dogs

Bala is truly a mean soul to have abandoned his dogs like that. He deserves all the hell he is going through now.

Bala's Dogs Are Well
by TV Smith

When P.I. Bala went missing, the family's two dogs were left behind, alone. A Chinese daily reported that the dogs were weak from hunger when reporters visited the house in Rawang. Subsequently, an English daily wrote that the abandoned dogs were caged in deplorable conditions.

Upon reading the reports, me and animal welfare advocator, Sabrina Yeap, were thinking of a rescue effort. At the last minute, I managed to get hold of the nephew's lawyer and he assured me all is well with the dogs. Since their location is quite near to Sabrina's Furry Friends Farm's animal shelter in Kundang, we decided to go see the condition of the two famous canines ourselves.

We are happy to report that the dogs appeared well and are under the care of three sweet sisters living next door. The girls are schooling at different times, so they take turns to wash the cages and feed the dogs. The girls also ensure there is clean and adequate drinking water at all times.

The Three Angels (left to right): Sakti, 13 - Saraswa, 7 - Eswary, 16

A really commendable effort as they told us their father is not very fond of pets.

Sabrina left her number with them and they promised to contact her should they need assistance.

Thanks to Jugjet Singh for the directions and to Haris Ibrahim for acting as (our) legal watchdog :)

Mother & Child (left to right): Monty & Shariboo (sic)

© 2008 TV SMITH
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