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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Letter That Appeared In the STAR


IT ASTOUNDS me that we as Malaysians often pride ourselves as a “caring society” without even the slightest guilt or remorse sometimes for some of our actions or inaction.

We seem to let elephants entrusted in our care to needlessly die. Or when animals get injured, we are slow to respond in giving help.

Some of us put endangered species, like tigers, into our cooking pots without any regard for an animal which has become a proud symbol of our nation.

When a dog bites someone, we immediately raise our hackles and demand justice. If the canine happens to be a rottweiler, we launch a witch hunt on the breed.

And when 13 dogs in Seremban on June 29 belonging to two senior citizens were cruelly and senselessly shot dead by the local council in the owners' home, the authorities called it justice.

Please tell me, is it just me or are we beginning to see the early signs of decay in a sick society?

Petaling Jaya.
The STAR, July 2006


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