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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


As reported in an earlier blog the appeal of the Tumpat Tiger (the story which appeared on the front page of the STAR of a tiger butchered in four) was heard on June 29, 2006.

Judge Datuk Mohd Ideres Muhammad Rapee told the Tumpat magistrate’s court, which had fined the culprit Ang on Oct 19 a mere RM7000 with no jail sentence, to hold a retrial on a date to be fixed by the court.

The law provides for a maximum penalty of RM15,000 fine, and a jail term not exceeding five years. Sadly we have never seen a custodial sentence imposed. Even the lorry drivers caught for trading in pangolins are only fined a mere RM4,500 for a catch of about 200 pangolins worth RM70,000 on the market. We have never heard of any masterminds being caught. Only lorry drivers, kampong stall owners and such. Can't Perhilitan officers arrest the masterminds?

Well with the new hearing date let's hope that this time around there will be justice for animals and that we will not be seeing public funds wasted on another "show" trial in court that does nothing to uphold the spirit of the law.


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