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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Letter In The Star

Please do not remain silent when you read the story below. Telephone the Johor branch of the Star and ask them to please follow up on the story. Every time we speak up, we make a dent in the wall of cruelty, and pretty soon we will bring that wall down.

The STAR, Opinion Page, Saturday February 4, 2006


I VISITED Johor Zoo on Jan 29 and was shocked to see how a baby bear was treated.I saw the bear chained to a tree, i.e. put on show within touching reach of the public.

The collar seemed very tight and the chain had twirled round the tree. Apparently, this is done during the day, every day, for the visiting public’s benefit.

By 6.30pm or so, the bear is taken away to be kept in a cage for the night. I saw the bear being squeezed into a tiny white carry cage with the collar and chain still on.

It was obviously in distress (could not even turn round in the cage) and was trying to bite the chain.

When asked, a zoo worker claimed the baby bear was caught/found in the jungle and did not know where the mother was.

Aren’t bears protected and aren’t there laws governing how they should be treated?

Mita K,

Petaling Jaya.


  • At 3:40 AM, Blogger mamasan said…

    I wonder what exactly WW in Malaysia is up to. Is it committed to the preservation of the animal and its natural habitat or merely to commercialism. I know about elephants being diverted eelsewhere, but elephants can speak loudly for themselves whereas monkeys, bears, primates,cats and lesser beings cannot. The knowledge that so many zoos, both private and otherwise are allowed to continue with their cruelty to these very special members of our world society is indeed very shocking. No-one from WW has come forward to speak against what is happening. The people with authority are merely patronising the animals with absolutely no regard for their feelings. The mentality of some people has not grown since medieval times but they must not be allowed to carry on. I am so disgusted. For me the govt has lost its credibility over so many issues. We don`t want so many zoos. These animals are not humans, they are happier with their own kind. They should not be in such close proximity to humans. I would just love to hug one but we cannot claim the right to do so. They have lived on this earth longer than we have and it is very frightening to see what man is doing. Let us really do something to make a difference.

    The tiger now representing Malaysia soon may be replaced with a dinosaur. Even a fine of 150,000 does not place its life in the worth more alive than dead category.

  • At 4:14 PM, Blogger IdseyBidsey said…

    Yeah,.. why hasn't any one from WW come forward??? .... Sometimes I feel so small, and that my compassion cannot change the world,.. but when I read about what you ppl are doing and have done,.. I know that I was wrong.

  • At 5:12 PM, Blogger Shoba said…

    Well said mamasan and idseybidsey. Perseverence is the key. Keep up the blows on the wall of ignorance and wickedness. Every blow contributes to the final fall of this wall.

    Don't any of you think your voice is insignificant or does not count. You may not "see" anything in the physical realm but there is something happening spiritually whenever you stand up for what is right.

    Love you guys!
    Shoba Mano.


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