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Stop Animal Abuse in Malaysia.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Letters From Supporters

We've been getting tons of support from all great supporters, and we thank you very much for them!

Please don't hesitate to leave comments on the blog, we look forward to hearing from you, and hope to open an open discussion among all readers of Remembering Sheena!

Here is a great email from Stephanie in support of our efforts:

Dear Ms Shoba,

Got your email from one of the forum pages of SPCA. Just emailing to commend you on your efforts and the kind heart you have towards remembering and protecting the abused animals that are unable to speak up nor fend for themselves in this cruel world of humans. I used to be a volunteer in the SPCA Johor Bahru before attending university. Sadly it closed down because the owner wanted the land back and have not been able to relocate ever since. I was recently at SPCA Melaka and it was such a relief to see how well looked after the animals are there and the volunteers are so loving and know so much abt each and every animal there...the animals just long to be talked to and played with ... it broke my heart to leave but i was only back for the christmas break. Wish i could be there for the rally !

Anyway just a short email to tell you and all those that work in and for the SPCA that i admire each and every one of you and hope that some day when i return to Malaysia i'd be able to open the 2nd "Noah's Ark" for all the lovely animals,small, big, tall, short, furry ,bald,4 legged or 3legged..doesnt matter...they all gives us unconditional love especially when we need it the most...!!

Stephanie Arasu
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


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