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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Susan Lankester and her 4200 signatures

If any of you were wondering how Susan Lankester obtained her 4200 signatures, I confess, I was wondering too.

So I asked Susan. She cheerfully told me that as part of her campaign with Sherrina to sell the MystyCat & MystyDog 2006 Calendars they took their SPCA Petition forms to amend the Animal Ordinance 1953 everywhere they went.

Sherrina and Susan are animal lovers who choose to spend their precious free time rescuing animals off the streets and re-homing them. They do this by relying on their huge network of friends who are willing to foster these homeless animals until they are adopted. Sherrina calls this her angel network.
What is more amazing about this group is that they are all independent pet rescuers not belonging to any NGO or other organization.

Their website is is (you will find a link to it on this blog). You may also visit their booth at the IKANO Power Centre (in front of Padini) every weekend from 11am to 9.30pm. They also have another booth at Mont Kiara.

Sherrina produced these MystyCat and MystyDog calendars, and each day/page of the year has not only a unique picture of a dog or cat, but an anecdote about it. She and her friends sold these calendars to raise funds for animal shelters such as PAWS and SPCA.

As part of their drive to sell these calenders, they had set up booths at many places such as The Curve, Plaza Damas and Bangsar Village to name a few. At each place, members of the angel network actively solicited signatures from the public for the petition to amend the Animal Ordinance 1953.

That is how they had 4200 signatures to submit at the Remembering Sheena Rally to end animal abuse.

Well done our good and faithful angels! :)
Shoba Mano


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