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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sabotaged Once Again


Two weeks ago we were invited by some students from KDU to participate in their Rave2Save event.

They were organising a fund raising and pledged to hand over proceeds to for us to set up an animal shelter in Ampang. We never asked them for any money - as all we wanted was a venue for an impromptu adoption drive.

We were happy when the students asked us to bring the 50 over pups that we have rescued from the streets to be put up for adoption.

However, the student in charge called today saying that the "big organisation" does not want us there because 'we give our dogs and puppies up for adoption for free while they charge for adoptions.' They also pressured the students to keep us out and so we have been told not to come.

So, pray give us your feedback - is this a case of personal egos getting in the way of helping the strays?

The same thing happened when Furry Friends Farm started rescuing dogs from Pulau Ketam - nasty things were published about the sanctuary in the media by those affliated to the 'big organisation'. Is this fair? All we want is a venue where these unfortunate puppies can be put-up for adoption. Why deny us that? Why deny the poor strays a chance to secure homes?


  • At 5:45 PM, Blogger LunaG said…

    Does anyone knows of the phone contacts of the student organizers that is organizing this?

    Please let me know. Thanks a lot.

  • At 12:35 AM, Blogger Veronica said…

    The sabotage is not uncommon.
    We were also informed that animal lover was harrassed and brought to court and the other party lost the case !

  • At 10:32 PM, Blogger Mariposa said…

    =/ how unfortunate. the main objective seems to be forgotten in the process!

  • At 11:30 AM, Blogger Shoba said…

    Luna G: I did ask MDDB for phone contact. I thought all of us could call in and vouch for the credibility of MDDB and FFF and several other independent rescuers. But MDDB answered by email:

    "The organisers are students - that's why I refrained from pushing too far. The organisers told me that we can bring our pups through Petstar but we find this unfair. Why should we go through the back door?"

    Exactly. I agree. MDDB and FFF are credible names who have done outstanding work for ordinary strays. Unlike the "big name NGO" who gets loads of donations, MDDB and FFF are made up of ordinary people like you and me trying to help the best we can with whatever means available to us.

    Veronica: Yes, I heard that "big name NGO" lost in a civil suit brought gainst an independent rescuer. I also heard that this suit was financed by the NGO itself which makes me wonder how much of the public's donations are going to the animals when money is being uselessly spent on legal actions not against animal abusers but against fellow animal lovers.

    I stopped donating to them a long time ago when I suspected my money was not really going towards the benefit and welfare of the animals.

    Mariposa: Sad but true :(


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