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Friday, April 10, 2009

Successful Adoption Drive

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better held an adoption drive at a mall at Ara Damansara recently and it was a hugh success. It was wonderful to hear Wani, one of the organizers, say "We've run out of dogs".

What's more lovely to this endearing story is that many of the dogs were rescued from the DBKL Setapak pound which TV3 exposed in its programme as having allegedly abused dogs and cats, beating them to death and drowning them, according to public complaints.

Here is Wani interviewing a potential family for one of the pound dogs. This couple have already fallen in love with this young pup but Wani is concerned they live in Bentong.

After bringing over another team member from MDDB who is able to check up on them in Bentong the happy couple's application is finally given some consideration. Regular follow-ups are done to ensure the adopted dogs have gone to loving homes.

Another happy family in above pix after a successful adoption.

Education is not forgotten with posters of newspaper stories and other write-ups and notices to inform the public of their responsibilities in the area of animal welfare.

Can you believe this little guy was rescued from the DBKL pound? His proud guardian holding on to his leash said he didn't look like this when she first took him from the pound. His skin condition was bad and he was malnutritioned. We cannot believe it from looking at him now. His coat is thick and shiny and he walked around proudly with a plastic container around his neck collecting donations from the public.

The cats were not forgotten too. It is amazing to see the transformation of grubby looking cats living on the streets in the hands of these angels from MDDB group. They look so beautiful and healthy. This is what love can do. To think these angels are just ordinary folk like you and me who, on many occasions, personally bear the expenses of fostering these animals is even more remarkable.

If you would like to learn more about this group and see how you can help them, visit:


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