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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Video of Protest Outside DBKL Pound, Setapak

Dear all Luna G has so kindly taken a video of the Protest by animal lovers outside DBKL Dog Pound Protest @ Air Panas, Setapak @ 7th February 2009, Saturday. Click on this link to watch video:

Also read the Star report dated February 18, 2009 on the follow-up after the Protest. As usual the KL Mayor gives a lame excuse that the media sensationalized the killings. End of story. Ya-lah, kawan. Malaysia Boleh-kan?
By the way, such cruelty was taking place under the very nose of SPCA whose Klinik Kembiri was sharing premises at the very place the alleged cruelty took place. Why did SPCA remain silent about this?


  • At 3:05 PM, Blogger Shoba said…

    I leave you with an important message from the team from Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better:

    "I am certain that all of you read yesterday's The Star whereby the Kuala Lumpur mayor says that the DBKL pound workers was dragging a dead dog by the neck.

    We also know that the footage clearly shows the dog's stomach moving up and down indicating that it was indeed alive.

    We can also deduce that the Mayor's statement was one fat little lie, as in the event it was true that the 360 programme had fabricated the incident - DBKL would have sent the television station a legal notice.

    This did not happen and a matter of fact DBKL has not even confronted the programme's producer and anchor about it. This will die off and in the process making DBKL a victim if something else is not done.

    The next move would be for a group of people to make a police report at the Setapak police station. Those willing to have your name recorded in a police report - please write to



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