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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Help Ramin Find Arjun

Many of us who are involved in animal welfare have heard of the story of Arjun who, unfortunately is still missing. Ramin lost Arjun several months ago in a thunderstorm and he has never stopped looking for him. Everyday he spends at least four hours after work tracking down the routes Arjun has taken according to eye witnesses. He has distributed flyers and spoken to hundreds of people.

Arjun is 10 years old and was adopted by Ramin from an animal shelter. It is heart wrenching to see Ramin tireless search and draw maps and never lose heart that one day he and his beloved Arjun will be reunited. So please click here to go to Ramin's website and see how you can help. Perhaps you live in the area Arjun has been spotted. Take a good look at his photo and see how you can help:


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