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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Watch 360 on TV3 tonight at 9 pm

Watch the programme 360 at 9 pm on TV3 tonight featuring Malaysian municipal councils allegedly battering and drowning dogs and cats.

The very people who are supposed to protect animals and act on abuse reports are allegedly abusing them.

This is the info we received from people who saw the trailer. Being TV3 and highly controlled media, we don't know how fair the coverage will be. But please watch nevertheless, and if you feel the coverage is fair, please call TV3 and congratulate them on a job well done. This gesture will push animal welfare issues to the forefront. Thank you.


  • At 5:00 PM, Blogger edleen said…

    i really hope they do justice to the report and highlight the truth and nothing but the truth..

  • At 5:28 PM, Blogger Froggie said…

    I will be watching this tonight but am concerned that it might only be broadcast in Bahasa Malayu. Can somebody confirm if this will be in English by chance?

  • At 11:16 AM, Blogger Shoba said…

    Sorry Froggie. In Malay. But they did a good job and I'm calling on everyone to please call TV3 and thank the producers of 360 for a job well done.


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