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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Be Careful Where You Board Your Pets

Please read email below received by RSC. Grieving Ogy wants to warn others of this shop so that they will not suffer her fate. To guardians of all pets, please check thoroughly the boarding place and DO NOT board unless you know the boarder well or he or she has come highly recommended by people you trust.

"I have a domestic medium hair cat that I have taken care since he was 3 mths old when the original owner put him up for adoption. It has been 14 months now and recently on 19/9/009 I sent him for 5 days boarding at a pet shop in my area during Raya holidays. During delivery, the owner personally picked up my cat from me.

After 5 days I came back to pick him up and was told by her female staff that she had not seen my missing cat ever since she started work on Sunday 20/9/2009. When I called the owner, she could not remember my cat.

She didn't even realise that my cat had gone missing. She kept telling me how busy she was and blamed it on her male staff to whom she passed my cat to be sent upstairs to where the 'boarding' is supposed to be, on the 1st floor.

That means since the day she collected my cat from me, she has not even once checked on him upstairs after handing over to her male staff. My cat has been missing for more than 4 days and no one noticed? Apparently, the male staff has resigned from the shop too...

I've called asking her to find my lost cat...she said she'll find him...its has been 11 days now and my cat is still lost. I spoke to her yesterday asking her to bear the cost of printing colour flyers, poster and the reward..if found.

She refused to pay and dared to offer me another cat. She must be joking !!! How can she easily offer me another cat as if I'd lost my hand phone??? This is my pet she's talking about!!! The one I took care with such love, only fed him Royal Canine or Iams ...whom we bathe every Sunday and sleeps on my son's bed during daytime ...he's my baby, my angel ...just look at the attached photos..

I'm writing to u asking what other option do I have against this unscrupulous pet shop to force them to be more responsible and humane towards other people's pets in the future...I've printed flyers to be distributed around the neighbourhood in the hope of reuniting back with my beloved Caspian. Every night without fail, we drive around the area looking for him..

This is name of the petshop:

No. 22G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla R 31/R
Kota Kemuning 40460
Shah Alam


No. 21, Kawasan 5
Taman Chi Liung
40100 Klang

No.9177 Jalan Negara
Taman Melawati
53100 Kuala Lumpur

By the way, MAPS PETWORLD Kota Kemuning doesn't even have a proper boarding facilities, boarding was to be on the 1st floor which looked more like abandoned office space with debris n garbage all over and it was very filthy, stuffy and smelly to be called “boarding”..

Yours truly,
Ogy, Sept 30, 2009.


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