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Monday, August 28, 2006

Malaysians Zoos Have No Clue How To Treat Animals

Below is a letter from one of our supporters. Cheryl makes a lot of sense. The newspapers should not highlight stories that make it "ok" for streams of "visitors" to the zoo to handle animals. They get easily stressed (even the zookeeper said this). So why allow complete strangers to maul these creatures if not other than simply to add to the "entertainment". Many other people have reported that these people sometimes pull the animals tails, feathers, poke, prod,shout and all these stress animals out. Why don't we put these human beings in a cage and do that to them all day and see if they get stressed?

Newspapers should instead write stories on why so many zoos in Malaysia do not have a clue on how to treat animals well.

"I read a news article today that made me angry.

Apparently it's another private zoo trying to make money off people *again*.
I'm quite disappointed that zoos such as these public or privately owned see it fit to allow wild animals to be stroked/posed with/played with with members of the public.

The public of course will go for it 'because it's 'fun'for the kids. Wrong! Not only will the animals be subjected to a circle of bright camera faslhes and poking and prodding, nobody knows how this will affect the cubs and smilar animals in years to come.

It does not help that our legislation concerning the treatment of animals is lax and someting to be laughted about since it's a slap on the wrist. :(

In any case,i wanted to bring this to your attention.



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