Remembering Sheena

Stop Animal Abuse in Malaysia.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What We Can Do

I'm sure our animal friends out there appreciate all the help you can give them. Here are just some thoughts on how we can be a more caring society...and by that I mean masyarakat penyayang terhadap manusia dan juga haiwan.

Strange fact but true: A person who shows kindness exclusively to humans will not be consistent in his kindness. But a person who is kind towards animals will almost certainly show consistent kindness towards humans.

What We Can Do:

1. Think twice before you get a pet. It requires a great deal of time and care for the whole of its life.

2. If you do get a pet, learn about its needs, characteristics and personality. Most importantly neuter your pet.

3. Report cases of abuse. Please don't turn a blind eye when you see abuse. If Sheena's neighbour had not called we would never have known her story. Be persistent. Her neighbour called the Selangor Veterinary Department three times, but they never came. Finally she called SPCA and Sheena was rescued.

4. Educate others on the right way to treat animals. Even if you don’t get to speak to many people, your own actions will speak volumes.

5. Feed strays and give them the help they need when they are injured. Don’t ignore them. Worse, don’t hurt them.

6. Participate in SPCA programmes to help animals such as neutering and other activities. Check their website regularly to learn of activities at

7. Help with the Remembering Sheena campaign. Collect signatures manually and bring them to our rally on Saturday, January 21, 2006.

8. Encourage your children to participate in SPCA programmes. There is proven medical evidence that animals are therapeutic. Sick and abused children have improved tremendously when they bond with animals. There have also been reports of positive change in prisoners. Disabled people in the West go bungee jumping and do all the things they otherwise can’t do all because they have trained pets that assist them.

Love your pets. You're all they have.



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